Enviro Brom Tablets

pail no bubbleNow from the company that brought you the world’s most concentrated liquid stabilized bromine comes the most concentrated tablet form of the field-proven biocide DBNPA. The tablets are formulated with an unprecedented 95.6% active ingredient, so you don’t pay extra for fillers. What’s more, with this new technology the tablets continue to dose the cooling water with biocide long past the lifespan of traditional DBNPA tablets. When time is money, the less time spent monitoring the cooling water is more money in your pocket.

Enviro Tech’s slow dissolving Enviro Brom tablets are intended for use in smaller cooling tower installations and allow for less frequent visits by the service company. DBNPA is a very effective biocide but can be difficult to handle safely. It isn’t cost-effective to run complex closed and metered biocide systems for small cooling towers, so safety and ease of handling are of primary concern. Enviro Tech’s slow dissolving biocide tablets come contained inside of a dispenser, ready to deploy. The breakthrough formulation regulates the rate at which the tablets dissolve, allowing each disposable floater to last for about a month.

Enviro Brom Tabs are also an excellent option to control microorganisms in food processing plant drains. The tablets are suspended in mess sock (included) and typically lasts 12-21 days in drains depending on water flow. This claim is not yet approved for use in California.