Safe Acid O&G Plus

Safe Acid O&G Plus is the most concentrated safe acid on the market. Safe Acid O&G Plus is a 22% equivalent hydrochloric acid product that is safe yet highly effective for treating and maintaining wells as well as removing scale build-up on equipment and pipes. Safe Acid O&G Plus is a safe alternative to conventional hydrochloric acid. Safe Acid O&G is specially formulated to be less corrosive and does not cause skin irritation like hydrochloric acid. Additionally, Safe Acid O&G Plus:
• Most concentrated safe acid on the market
• May be used in various well treatment programs and other applications where calcium carbonate scale is a problem
• Reduces the need for additional inhibitor additives to protect well casings
• Odorless formulation
• Biodegrades within 10 days
• Safe to use on most metals with superior compatibility profile


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Safe Acid O&G Plus