Product Category: Stabilized Bromine Products

BromMax is produced using a novel process that both eliminates bromate ion formation and also reduces the creation of inert salts to keep conductivity low in the receiving water.

Bromide Plus

Bromide Plus is a high quality EPA-registered sodium bromide solution that is used to create hypobromous acid, which is the active form of biocidal bromine. It must first be converted from bromide to hypobromous Read More

Brommax 7.1

BromMax® 7.1 is an EPA registered biocide (#63838-5), and is an effective agent for controlling algae and bacterial slime in condensing and cooling equipment in which recirculating water is used as the cooling media Read More

Brommax 10.2

Enviro Tech’s BromMax® is the world’s most concentrated liquid bromine biocide for industrial water treatment (10.2% as Cl2) and is covered by US Patent #7,045,153. BromMax is produced using a novel process that both Read More

BCDMH Tablets

BCDMH Tablets are broad-spectrum halogen-releasing product for controlling the growth of algae, slime, biofilms, bacterial, and fungal populations in industrial water systems. BCDMH contain bromo-chloro-dimethyl-hydantoin as the active ingredient, which slowly releases bromine and Read More

HB2 – Hypobromous Acid

The use of Hypobromous Acid is a patented antimicrobial product approved by the FDA-FSIS for use on meat and poultry during processing and is Kosher certified. It is similar to chlorine (hypochlorous acid) in Read More

Enviro Brom Granules

Enviro Brom Granules are based on the Enviro Brom Tabs, but in a granular form factor. This allows the product to be added to the feed hopper in hydraulic fracturing operations and fit into Read More

Enviro Brom Tablets

Now from the company that brought you the world’s most concentrated liquid stabilized bromine comes the most concentrated tablet form of the field-proven biocide DBNPA. The tablets are formulated with an unprecedented 95.6% active Read More