Perasan L

Perasan® L

Microbiocide for Lactose Production

Perasan® L is a peracetic acid-based microbiocide specifically developed for its use in federally inspected dairy processing plants. Perasan® L reduces the incidence of pathogenic organisms, bacteria, and other microorganisms that cause contamination and spoilage.

Perasan® L can be used for direct or indirect introduction into lactose intended for use as a food or beverage additive for human consumption. Since Perasan® L acts as an indirect process additive, it doesn’t need to be declared on any subsequent product labeling.

  • Food-grade formula
  • High oxidation potential
  • Strong reactivity
  • Degrades to water, oxygen, and acetic acid (vinegar)
  • Shelf-stable for a minimum of one year under normal conditions

As a dairy processing plant microbiocide, Perasan® L can be used:

  • As bactericide and fungicide in cold or warm water
  • As an additive to the wash water used in lactose production
  • Anywhere in the production train system where microbiological growth may be problematic
  • Final lactose refining operations

Per the FDA Food Contact Notification # 641, only Enviro Tech Chemical Services, Inc. or its authorized distributors are allowed to use peroxyacetic acid products for lactose production intended for human consumption. This product’s use is following ARTCA, 1998 under FFDCA regulations #201(q)(1)(B)(i).

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