SureCide AH (Livestock Drinking Water Additive)

SureCide AH

Livestock Drinking Water Additive
EPA Reg No. 63838-24

SureCide AH is a food-grade sodium chlorite and chlorine dioxide (acidified chlorite) solution precursor for continuous use in poultry and livestock drinking water. It's also Kosher and OMRI Certified.

SureCide AH is excellent for controlling odor and bacteria in livestock drinking water due to its high reactivity and resistance to organic loads. It’s effective over a broad pH range (pH 3-10); it's not persistent, more efficacious than chlorine bleach, and does not impart offensive odor or taste.

SureCide AH can be activated with numerous acid products, including Enviro Tech's MVP Activator-C or Activator-P.

  • High drinker system compatibility at use dilutions
  • Resists depletion due to suspended solids
  • Can be used with diverse automated acid activation systems
  • 2.6-times more powerful oxidizing capacity than bleach
  • Low feed rates, leading to low chemical costs
  • Reduces the risk of mortality caused by gut-impacting organisms
  • Raises livestock water consumption helping maximize nutrient utilization
  • Groundwater contamination control
  • Layer and pullet production
  • Poultry grow-out houses
  • Swine finisher barns
  • Farrowing and gilt development
  • Calf bottles and dairy production troughs
  • Beef cattle backgrounders and feedlots

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SureCide AH (Livestock Drinking Water Additive)