Peragreen WW (PAA Wastewater Disinfection)

Peragreen® WW</span >

PAA for Bacteria and Algae Control in Wastewater Treatment Systems
EPA Reg No. 63838-2

Peragreen® WW is Enviro Tech’s peracetic acid formulation for wastewater disinfection. It is a 15% peracetic acid (PAA) microbiocide developed explicitly to control bacteria and algae growth in wastewater treatment systems.

Wastewater treatment operators can use Peragreen® WW is ideal for reducing bacterial organisms commonly found in wastewater treatment systems without the formation of potentially harmful disinfection byproducts associated with other common microbiocides.

Peragreen® WW may be applied alone at any point in the treatment train, such as debulking control, or may effectively be used in conjunction with other systems, such as UV light.

  • Clear, colorless liquid
  • High reactivity and oxidation potential
  • Excellent bactericidal and fungicidal properties
  • No need for a neutralizing agent
  • Requires less product than other treatment options
  • Decreases the disinfection cost of wastewater
  • Less corrosive than Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach)
  • Peragreen® WW is a complete water treatment option for municipal wastewater operations. It exhibits excellent bactericidal and fungicidal activity against numerous cold or warm water microorganisms while reducing environmental concerns by lowering overall chemical use.
  • Reduces bacteria in wastewater systems to meet permitted requirements
  • Controls bacterial and algae growth in wastewater treatment systems
  • Eliminates chemical waste-off due to exposure

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Peragreen WW (PAA Wastewater Disinfection)