Enviro Tech Receives NOP Listing For KOCI – A Potassium Hypochlorite Solution

Enviro Tech Chemical Services (ETCS) is pleased to announce the National Organic Program (NOP) unanimously voted to add Potassium Hypochlorite Solution (KOCI) to the national list of allowed materials for use in organic handling.

KOCl Added to National List of Allowed Materials for Use in Organic Handling

Enviro Tech’s Potassium Hypochlorite Solution (KOCl) met the NOP’s requirements and was voted in favor to be NOP listed for use under Crop Management Tools and Production Aids (CT) – as a Crop Production Material (7 CFR 205.601(2)(v). By meeting these requirements, KOCl will support organic growers and their Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) water quality requirements that state: all agricultural water must be safe and of adequate sanitary quality for its intended use.