PAA Testing Options

There are three different ways to manually quantify peracetic acid (PAA) in solution:

PAA Test Strips – Useful for quick, approximate measurements of PAA in solution. PAA test strips are universal but Enviro Tech offers PAA test strips for measuring 0-160 ppm PAA.

Peracetic Acid Drop Test Kit – Drop test kits are the most popular for determining peracetic acid concentrations in solution but, not all drop test kits are created equal. Enviro Tech has developed a specifically formulated test kit that works only for Enviro Tech’s PAA products. While there are numerous PAA drop test kits on the market, Enviro Tech has the only test kit that is specific for peracetic acid while other test kits tend to have interference from the hydrogen peroxide that accompanies all PAA formulations. Enviro Tech’s PAA Drop Test Kit is only offered through Masters Company Inc. and is the ONLY drop test kit that should be use for Enviro Tech’s peracetic acid products.

Peracetic Acid Electronic Meter – Easy to understand digital readout, and much less affected by operator bias. No dropper bottles or watching for color changes. Low range from 0-10 ppm with 0.1 ppm resolution, and high range from 0-200 with 2 ppm resolution. This is the recommended test method for all PAA uses, and the most useful test method for uses requiring less than 10 ppm PAA such as irrigation and cooling water.

These test methods, as well as any applicable refills, can be purchased directly from Masters Company, Inc. (ph. 630-238-9292)