Perasan A

Perasan A

A versatile PAA Sanitizer/Disinfectant
EPA Reg No. 63838-1
EPA Establishment No. 63838-CA-01: 63838-AR-001 for food and beverage use

PERASAN A is a peracetic acid (PAA) antimicrobial formulation that cleans, sanitizes, and disinfects. Its unique microbiocide properties work against a wide range of microorganisms in cold or warm water.

PERASAN A can be used as an industrial sanitizer and disinfectant for previously cleaned hard, non-porous contact surfaces in dairies, wineries, breweries, food and beverage plants, poultry and egg facilities, and animal housing. And it can be applied in a fogger for high-level microbial control.

Its food-grade qualification makes PERASAN A an excellent option for CIP pipeline cleaning, sanitizing, bottle and filler sanitizing, and disinfection in the dairy, food, and beverage processing industry. It can remove biofilm on membranes used for ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis.

PERASAN A can also be used as a biocide for cooling water treatments to control microbial, slim, or biofilm growth.

As a hard, non-porous surface disinfectant, PERASAN A is an excellent option for hospitals, schools, industrial facilities, office buildings, and veterinary clinics, amongst others.

Its bacteria, slime, odor, and algae control features make PERASAN A an outstanding choice for water treatment procedures and agricultural water systems.

Plus, PERASAN A is approved for direct fruit and vegetable contact without a final rinse. It’s Kosher endorsed, and OMRI listed for its use in organic production.

  • Disperses/penetrates biofilms
  • Kills bacteria, mold, fungus, and yeast
  • Fast-acting
  • Unaffected by hardness and soil
  • Non-foaming
  • Does not add taste, odor, or color
  • No rinse required
  • Does not form disinfection byproducts
  • Breaks down into carbon dioxide and water
  • Non-corrosive to stainless steel, aluminum
  • Easily dispensed as a liquid

As a sanitizer:

  • Food contact surfaces in the meat and poultry industry
  • Conveyors and equipment for meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, fruit, nuts, and vegetables</strong >
  • Casing or shell eggs
  • Eating, drinking, and food prep utensils
  • Tableware
  • Antimicrobial rinse of precleaned or new returnable or non-returnable containers</strong >

As an auxiliary to cleaning and sanitizing procedures, PERASAN A may be added to PERAFOAM™ and applied using conventional foam-generating accessories on equipment, floors, walls, ceilings, drains, etc.

As a combined disinfectant and cleaner in non-food contact hard surfaces, PERASAN A works on floors, walls, and other hard non-porous surfaces such as:




Bathroom fixtures


Bed frames









Glazed porcelain

For institutional sanitation and disinfection, PERASAN A can be used in hospitals, surgical and obstetrical suites, housekeeping services, physical therapy departments, nursing services, autopsy facilities, nursing homes, other healthcare facilities, schools, colleges, veterinary clinics, animal life science laboratories, industrial facilities, dietary areas, office buildings, recreational facilities, retail and wholesale establishments.

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