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Eliminate Food-Borne Pathogens With Effective Food Plant Sanitation Methods


When it comes to processing, preparing and manufacturing foods safely, diligent cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing is of utmost importance. Keeping an entire processing plant clean not only requires specific tools and procedures but the proper understanding of how to eliminate food-borne pathogens and keep them under control.

Cleaning and sanitizing your food plant is a traditionally unpleasant and complex task. For example, drains that go uncleaned or are cleaned poorly can result in biofilm and food-borne pathogens such as Listeria, Salmonella, and E. Coli residing in floor drains. Which in turn, can migrate from drains onto surfaces where food is processed and handled, thus contaminating the food itself. Therefore, before pathogens can successfully be controlled and eliminated in a food processing environment, they need to be eliminated from harborage points like floor drains and more.

Pera-Drain Foam – Your Key To Successful Sanitization 

To combat floor drain contaminants – PERA-DRAIN FOAM does the job – it’s a simple and highly effective foam-based drain cleaning and sanitation solution for your cleaning staff to use to kill food-borne pathogens in drains.  Read More 

Our Food Plant Sanitation Solutions Go Beyond The Drain 


Eliminate footwear cross-contamination issues in their tracks


Used in boot misters, Peraspray can help eliminate your cross-contamination issues on the plant floor. Our spray is a Non-Flammable, Ready to Use (RTU) formulation for boots. It is ideal for a low water spray boot sanitizer because it doesn’t over-saturate the floor with the product, which in turn decreases your water usage. (Note: This product also helps eliminate glove cross-contamination concerns).

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Floors & Walls

Floors & Walls
Improve Your Food Contact Sanitation Processes

Perasan A

Perasan A is ideal for food contact surface sanitation, is non-corrosive to stainless steel, and has no harmful disinfection by-products.

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Stop Cross-Contamination at The Doorway

Floor Guard 2

This unique Quat-Free beaded floor treatment and cleaner eliminates cross-contamination on floors in production rooms, cool rooms, freezers, cold storage areas, and anywhere there is foot or forklift traffic.

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Trained Professionals Educate Cleaning Staff

In addition to our many product benefits, experienced professionals will come on-site to educate your cleaning staff on proper methods for cleaning and sanitization to control pathogens. We’ll partner with you, so you’ll have the necessary confidence that the food you manufacture remains safe.

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