PAA for Breweries

REFLEX for Breweries:
A Simple Solution for CIP
NSF EPA REG. NO. 63838-12

CIP cleaning for brewery equipment can be a tricky, water-intensive process, but it’s necessary to ensure safety and maintain production capacity. CIP for brewers requires an aggressive multi-step process that can be complicated and confusing. That’s why we developed Reflex for Breweries; a CIP process designed specifically for brewery equipment. Reflex combines the power of an acid wash against scale and beerstone with the proven sanitizing effectiveness of peracetic acid, all in one step. Peracetic acid is an oxidizing chemical that harnesses the power of oxygen to ensure the sanitation of brewery systems without imparting unwanted odors or flavors to the product.

Reflex allows brewers to apply acidic sanitizer to brewing vessels and lines in a single step. Fewer steps in cleaning operations means using less water and experiencing less downtime. With Reflex brewers can save time, money, and the environment with an EPA-approved, NSF-certified CIP solution.

Reflex for Breweries:
  • Prevents beerstone
  • Reduces CIP process time
  • Is phosphate-free
  • Doses by conductivity
  • Is EPA approved
  • Is NSF certified
  • Passes AOAC tests
  • Is safe for land discharge