Peragreen 22WW

Peragreen® 22WW</span >

Wastewater Treatment Systems’ Bacterial and Algae Control Maximum Efficacy
EPA Reg No. 63838-2

Peragreen® 22WW is a peracetic acid-based microbiocide developed for bacterial and algae control in wastewater treatment systems. It reduces bacteria and other organisms in wastewater without forming potentially harmful byproducts.

Wastewater treatment operators can use Peragreen® 22WW and its powerful oxidizing properties to save money and reduce chemical use in wastewater treatment systems. Its 22 percent concentration is designed for maximum efficacy.

Peragreen® 22WW may be applied alone at any point in the treatment train, such as debulking control, or may effectively be used in conjunction with other systems, such as UV light.

Peragreen® 22WW is significantly more concentrated than comparable 15% PAA products for greater efficiency and effectiveness yet is less corrosive than sodium hypochlorite (bleach) alternatives.

  • Effective against a wide range of microorganisms in cold or warm water
  • Economical – uses less product than lower-concentration alternatives
  • Less corrosive than sodium hypochlorite and other biocides
  • Can be applied at any point in the treatment train
  • No need for neutralizing chemicals
  • Treats sewage and wastewater effluent systems
  • Strengthens the effectiveness of other systems, such as UV light
  • Achieves results with less product and no need for neutralizing chemicals
  • Eliminates chemical waste-off due to exposure
  • Reduces environmental concern by lowering overall chemical use

Peragreen® 22WW is one of the most concentrated wastewater treatment chemicals available and is effective with or without adjunct treatments, including UV light.

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Peragreen 22WW