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Enviro Tech is pleased to announce the recent approval for a new Food Contact Notification (FCN) for use in meat and produce processing. FCN 1738 allows for the use of Enviro Tech’s peracetic acid products on meat (beef, pork, lamb, etc) up to 1200 ppm active peracetic acid and on fruits and vegetables up to 500 ppm active peracetic acid. Please contact your Enviro Tech sales representative for more information.

WaterWorld Magazine recently published a wastewater trial at Lexington Water Systems in Tennessee where Enviro Tech’s Peragreen 22WW (22% peracetic acid) product was used as an alternative to chlorine disinfection. The results of the trial demonstrated that peracetic acid is an effective alternative to chlorine disinfection without the concern of forming potentially hazardous disinfection byproducts.

Click HERE to view the publication

Click here to view our recent publication in Water World Magazine.

Enviro Tech Chemical Services recently received the first Food Contact Notification (FCN 1654) for the use of our peracetic acid formulation in marinades applied to or injected into processed or unprocessed, cooked or uncooked whole or cut poultry as well as processed and pre-formed meat and poultry products.

Opening of Enviro Tech’s New Helena, Arkansas facility. Read about it here.

Enviro Tech has been granted FCN#1384 for the Coronis product. Effective March 6, 2014, Coronis can be used at up to 400 ppm on whole or cut meat products, 1000 ppm on whole or cut poultry products, 2000 ppm in poultry post-chiller or dip tanks prior to air chillers, and 350 ppm on fruits and vegetables.

Enviro Tech’s patent for on-site generation of peracetic acid has been awarded (US# 8,546,449 B2), and can be read here. Enviro Tech will be employing this technology in our product Coronis.

Enviro Tech has developed a new method for testing low levels of quaternary ammonia compounds, and has employed this method for a small study of the application of these types of compounds in the poultry industry.

See a demonstration video here, and read the accompanying report here.

Enviro Tech’s latest patent applications have been published! The first is regarding the on-site production of PAA (US20120245228) and the second is on the use of PAA in poultry chillers to increase yield (US20120244261).

Enviro Tech announces plans for $4 million expansion at Helena Harbor in eastern Arkansas, and subsequent creation of 40 jobs.

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FDA Food Contact Notification 944 awarded to Enviro Tech Chemical Services, allowing the use of a new bromine-based antimicrobial for meat and poultry

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FDA Food Contact Notification 908 awarded to Enviro Tech Chemical Services, allowing the use of peroxyacetic acid (PAA) on Ready-To-Eat meat and poultry products

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