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Enviro Tech and PeroxyChem Sign a License Agreement for Use of U.S. Patent No. 10,912,321

Methods of Using Peracetic Acid to Treat Poultry in a Chill Tank During Processing

MODESTO, Calif. – May 21, 2021 – Modesto, Calif. manufacturer Enviro Tech Chemical Services, Inc. (ETCS) has issued a license agreement to PeroxyChem, an Evonik Company, for use of its U.S. Patent No. 10,912,321- Methods of Using Peracetic Acid to Treat Poultry in a Chill Tank During Processing.

This license allows PeroxyChem and its affiliates the rights to practice the method(s) of the ‘321 patent in the United States without infringing the ‘321 patent. During the term of this license, Enviro Tech has also indemnified each of PeroxyChem’s End-User Customers location sites for infringement of the ‘321 patent.

The ‘321 patent covers intervention methods utilizing peracetic acid at an alkaline pH in a poultry processing system chill tank, further defined as a reservoir in the patent.

Enviro Tech is currently offering licensing opportunities for its patented technology. Interested parties are invited to contact Mike Harvey, CEO or Brent Bankosky, President.

About Enviro Tech Chemical Services, Inc.

Enviro Tech Chemical Services, Inc., (ETCS) a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative bromine technologies and peroxyacetic acid, delivers wide-ranging solutions that optimize operational efficiencies for keeping food and water safe and environments clean. ETCS partners with distributor to provide a complete line of EPA and FDA approved products for a variety of industries including; industrial water treatment, meat and poultry processing, food & beverage, agriculture, animal health, oil & gas, wastewater treatment and more.

ETCS holds 28 “parent” EPA registrations, 14 FDA Food Contact Notifications, and 13 U.S. patents. The ’321 patent is the latest in a series of patents for Enviro Tech. U.S. Patent No 8,546,449 and 6 other patents were subsequently issued: 9,363,997; 9,370,180; 9,737,072; 9,730,443; 10,004,230, and 10,912,321. The ‘180 composition patent is for the world’s first dry granulated peracetic acid (PAA) sanitizer product that is due for commercial release in the 3rd quarter of 2021. ETCS is privately held.

Press Release

Press Release Re: Zeco Litigation

U.S. Patent No. 10,912,321 was issued to Enviro Tech on February 9, 2021 for methods of using peracetic acid solutions at an alkaline pH to treat poultry during processing. Enviro Tech takes the intellectual property rights of itself and others seriously. As of April 15, 2021, Enviro Tech is in a federal lawsuit against Zeco, LLC d/b/a Zee Company, a service provider located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, as Zeco declined a license and instead filed suit seeking declaratory judgment that its activities do not infringe the ’321 patent. In response, Enviro Tech will be filing a responsive pleading within the required time period.

Enviro Tech is aware that many service providers have implemented processes and equipment that practice these patented methods in the poultry processing facilities they serve. Enviro Tech is currently offering licensing opportunities for its patented technology. Interested parties are invited to contact CEO Mike Harvey or President Brent Bankosky.

Enviro Tech is Ready in Levelland

Our new facility will help meet regional demands for water treatment biocides

Enviro Tech’s new plant, located in Levelland, Texas, is becoming a reality after almost two years since its announcement. We couldn’t be more proud of the effort, planning, and state-of-the-art technologies behind its construction. Our new chemical plant will feature advanced manufacturing techniques to produce EPA registered biocides that will reduce chemical consumption and increase the viability of water reuse while relieving stress on water disposal wells. The Levelland facility will also manufacture FDA-registered no-rinse processing chemicals for use in the food and beverage industry to avoid contamination through direct food contact, including Global Food Safety Initiatives (GFSI) compliant products.

This plant’s strategic location will provide a direct connection to the critical water recycling processes taking place in the Permian Basin and its surroundings, allowing fast shipment of high-quality chemicals to the companies facing the biggest water challenges.

We are looking forward to the completion of this plant and beginning to provide in-house expertise and technical assistance to boost water treatment best practices in the region.

PAA Tackles Irrigation and Food Safety Challenges for Nut Growers

PAA Tackles Irrigation and Food Safety Challenge for Nut Growers
The California nut crop is robust and green near our headquarters in Modesto, as almond and pistachio groves spring to life. With water in short supply and growers relying on a good harvest, maintaining irrigation lines is critical for better yields. That’s why Enviro Tech is proud to supply the nation’s nut growers with powerful microbiocides that keep irrigation lines clean and free from plugging yet are safe and easy to use.

Water is a precious resource worldwide and particularly in California, where nuts are a multi- billion-dollar industry. Almonds — the third-largest crop in the state — are notoriously water- intensive, requiring an average of 35.58 inches or 2.97 acre-feet per acre for optimal yields. Other nut crops need similar amounts of water.


the third-largest crop in the state — are notoriously water- intensive, requiring an average of

35.58 inches
or 2.97 acree-feet

per acre for optimal yields

New technologies in irrigation and drip system efficiency can help nut growers make the most of a scarce resource. One main objective is keeping irrigation lines flowing freely with clean water. Over time, contaminants like bicarbonates, algae, hard water scale, bacteria and biofilm can clog irrigation systems. As a result, growers often struggle with maintaining water distribution uniformity (DU) to avoid lower yields.

Preventative maintenance is also essential for irrigation systems to avoid changes in DU. Oxidizing agents like Peragreen 5.6% — a peracetic acid (PAA)-based microbiocide — can keep irrigation systems free from slime, algae, bacterial and fungal diseases that can make irrigation systems less efficient.

PAA is a versatile microbiocide for the nut growing industry, touching every part of the growing, harvest and processing cycles that make California world famous for almonds, pecans, walnuts and pistachios.

Peragreen 5.6% from Enviro Tech may also be used for soil and seed treatments, in nurseries, and as a curative product for foliar diseases. With food safety a top priority for growers, PAA applications for pathogens are also used post-harvest during packing operations.

PAA formulations can help nut growers achieve better distribution uniformity and clog-free irrigation. They can also ensure that groves and crops that are free from fungal and bacterial contaminants that can reduce yields during the growing, harvesting and packing processes.

For crops as delicious as California nuts, better yields and better food safety mean nut lovers (and growers) can enjoy a bountiful harvest.

Enviro Tech Launches ReducX for the Dairy, Food and Beverage Industries

No-rinse, antimicrobial sanitizer provides efficient equipment and facility cleaning and disinfection.

MODESTO, Calif. – April 6, 2021 – Modesto, Calif. manufacturer Enviro Tech Chemical Services (ETCS) has introduced REDUCX , its newest cleaning and disinfecting formula for food and beverage equipment and facility cleaning.

REDUCX is a concentrated liquid sanitizer that is a 40 percent higher concentration than other commercial sanitizers, is based on peroxygen and octanoic acid chemistry, and provides a barrier that shields against contaminants for a longer duration. In facilities where sanitation costs are high, REDUCX is a cost-effective option for a variety of food and beverage applications, including dairy and dairy products, beverage processing and bottling, wineries, and food processing.

With REDUCX , food and beverage facilities can solve their sanitation and disinfection inefficiencies in less time and with fewer resources. Because of its acid-based formulation,REDUCX disinfects as it cleans, does not require a water rinse after application, and eliminates the need for multiple sanitizing products.

“Safety is a major concern for food and beverage companies. They simply can’t risk getting their customers sick,” said Enviro Tech CEO Mike Harvey. “We created REDUCX to make the sanitation process less expensive and more effective for long-term cleanliness and safety. Because it’s more concentrated, REDUCX has a high antimicrobial efficacy that prevents bacterial growth and regrowth. That’s a relief to many food product manufacturers.”

REDUCX is ideal for any food production facility in which equipment must be sanitized frequently. Its chemistry is designed to combat fungi, mold, viruses and bacteria, with longer times between applications and greater effectiveness.

Hundreds of food manufacturing facilities rely on Enviro Tech’s specialty chemicals to control microbial growth and ensure safety for consumers and production employees. The company creates a wide range of sanitizing and disinfecting products for food, agriculture, animal health, wastewater treatment and many more industries that rely on food and water safety.

REDUCX is available from specialty chemical resellers nationwide. Visit and contact a sales representative for a list of distributors in any part of the U.S.

About Enviro Tech Chemical Services, Inc.

Enviro Tech Chemical Services, Inc., (ETCS) a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative bromine technologies and peroxyacetic acid, delivers wide-ranging solutions that optimize operational efficiencies for keeping food and water safe and environments clean. ETCS partners with distributors to provide a complete line of EPA and FDA approved products for a variety of industries including; industrial water treatment, meat and poultry processing, food & beverage, agriculture, animal health, oil & gas, wastewater treatment and more. ETCS holds 28 “parent” EPA registrations, 14 FDA Food Contact Notifications, and 13 U.S. patents. ETCS is privately held. More information can be found at

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Enviro Tech’s Peraspray Demonstrated Effective Against SARS-COV-2




EPA approval and N-Listing indicates peracetic acid sanitizer kills the virus that causes COVID-19


Modesto, California, manufacturer Enviro Tech Chemical Services (ETCS), one of the nation’s fastest-growing manufacturers of sanitizing products, has announced that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved the company’s ready-to-use peracetic acid formulation Peraspray for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

An excellent broad-spectrum sanitizer and disinfectant, Peraspray can be used in accordance with its label directions on hard non-porous surfaces to kill 99.99% of viruses in 10 minutes. Peraspray is used for cleaning, deodorizing, sanitizing, and disinfecting high-touch surfaces.

“Since our founding in 1991, Enviro Tech has been committed to formulating the safest and most-effective sanitizing and disinfecting products available in the market,” said Michael Harvey, CEO of  Enviro Tech. “Now with this additional new EPA approval, we are confident that our Peraspray product can help thousands of businesses and consumers combat the virus that causes COVID-19.”

Unlike other peracetic acid formulations, Peraspray has a fresh citrus scent that won’t give surfaces a strong chemical odor. Peraspray is ideal for use in home, retail, grocery, workplaces, factories and health care facilities.

Manufacturing facilities, retailers and large businesses rely on Enviro Tech’s specialty sanitizers and disinfectants, including Peraspray, to ensure safety for customers and employees. The company formulates and sells a wide range of sanitizing and disinfecting products for food, industrial water treatment, agriculture, animal health, wastewater, oil & gas and many more industries that rely on food and water safety.

Peraspray is available from specialty chemical distributors nationwide. Visit and contact a sales representative for a list of distributors in any part of the U.S.

Refer to the CDC website for additional information about preventing the spread of COVID-19.


Enviro Tech’s specialists among the team of PAA experts authoring a WEF publication

paracetic acid disinfection news

The book aims to provide PAA knowledge to adopt this greener technology in wastewater facilities


MODESTO, Calif. – October 7, 2020 – Jacquelyn Wilson, our Technical Wastewater Sales Manager, and Phil Harvey, our Vice President of National Operations, are among the team of Peracetic Acid (PAA) experts who authored a new Water Environment Federation (WEF) publication. The book Peracetic Acid Disinfection: Implementation Considerations for Water Resource Recovery Facilities aims to bridge the PAA knowledge gap between wastewater professionals by providing guidance on implementing PAA disinfection technologies in wastewater facilities.

PAA disinfection is a greener technology that has been used in Europe for more than a decade to reduce or eliminate trihalomethane and other disinfection byproducts from wastewater treatment processes. Due to the U.S. EPA updated ambient water quality criteria (AWQC) for human health, PAA appears to be the perfect option to comply with these new standards. Nevertheless, the lack of available information about the evaluation and implementation of this technology has slowed its adoption in the United States and Canada.

Authored by a selected team of disinfection professionals, engineers, PAA manufacturers, regulators, facility owners, and operators with direct PAA project experience — Enviro Tech’s Jacquelyn Wilson and Phil Harvey among them — the WEF publication fills this knowledge gap. The book provides a definitive, single-source PAA implementation guide for the wastewater professional, presenting an overview of PAA disinfection’s chemistry and kinetics. Its contents also offer practical knowledge through case study examples of small and large facilities to assist personnel with design, permitting, implementation, and day-to-day operations with the PAA greener technology.
Find further information about this WEF publication at

Enviro Tech Plant Manager Named to Arkansas Workforce Development Board

Charles Johnson - Envirotech Arkansas

Charles Johnson oversees growth of the company’s Helena, Ark. operations


MODESTO, Calif. – Sept. 21, 2020 – Modesto, Calif. manufacturer Enviro Tech Chemical Services (ETCS) congratulates its Helena, Ark. plant manager, Charles Johnson, for his selection to Governor Asa Hutchinson’s Arkansas Workforce Development Board.

Mr. Johnson, a four-year employee of ETCS, has overseen growth and capacity expansion of the company’s Helena, Ark. manufacturing plant. He is the first board member from the Helena/West Helena region of the state.

“Charles is an indispensable member of the Enviro Tech team and he will be an indispensable part of the Governor’s Workforce Development Board,” said Michael Harvey, president and CEO of ETCS. “His leadership has helped our Helena plant grow its production capacity and hire more than 60 new employees since late 2016, and we know that he will bring the same strategic insight and experience to the Board.”

During Mr. Johnson’s tenure at ETCS, the Helena plant has doubled its workforce and begun running three shifts per day. He has also overseen significant capital investment in the facility and is an integral part of determining future expansion opportunities.

The Workforce Development Board conducts workforce planning from an advisory perspective, enabling employees and new job seekers in Arkansas to access the resources they need to be successful. As a board member, Mr. Johnson will work to help improve vocational training and education programs that foster economic growth throughout the state.

Former Helena mayor Arnell Willis, director of the Workforce Development Board, recommended Mr. Johnson for the board position, citing his roots in the region and the success of the ETCS Helena plant as criteria for his recommendation.

“Charles is native of Northeast Arkansas and a leader in the local business community, and I was proud to recommend him to Governor Hutchinson for service on the Board,” said Willis. “Enviro Tech has brought many jobs to Helena/West Helena and Charles has helped connect the company with the workforce resources it needs to continue growing. Now, he can help guide training and workforce training and development resources to even more employers in the region.”

National Food Safety Day

To stay healthy, we need a daily input of safe and nutritious food.

You are what you eat, says an ancient proverb.

At Enviro Tech, we play a critical role in helping keep food & beverages safe. We work shoulder to shoulder with food and beverage processing facilities to help them meet FDA requirements that ensure whatever is on our plate or in our glass is safe for our consumption.

Our Peracetic Acid (PAA), stabilized bromine, and specialty products are very effective at helping fight a broad range of microorganisms and are used as effective sanitizers in fruit, vegetable, seafood, poultry, and meat processing facilities, as well as in breweries, wineries, and diaries.

From the fields to our tables, food safety is a shared responsibility we are proud to be a part of. Food safety, everyone’s business.

#SafeFood #FoodSafety #WorldFoodSafetyDay #PAA

Hand Sanitizer

Enviro Tech Experiences Explosive Growth. Hires more workers.

Our hand-sanitizer production has put us in the first line of defense against COVID-19

We have been producing our hand-sanitizerBac Stop 3A — for the last ten years. But in the last two months, the production of this product has become our top priority to help people combat the spread of coronavirus. We have gone from making several gallons a day to working 24/7 to manufacture over 100 thousand gallons a day in our facilities, and it’s still not enough to meet our product demand.

We have hired 40 new employees and are assembling a new production line at our facility in Modesto, California, and completed similar hiring at our production plant in Helena, Arkansas, plus we are building a third facility in Texas.

Our story attracted the attention of KCRA 3 News, whose reporter, Brian Hickey, covered the story for the local news


Enviro Tech Chemical Services (ETCS) is pleased to announce the National Organic Program (NOP) unanimously voted to add Potassium Hypochlorite Solution (KOCI) to the national list of allowed materials for use in organic handling.

KOCl Added to National List of Allowed Materials for Use in Organic Handling

Enviro Tech’s Potassium Hypochlorite Solution (KOCl) met the NOP’s requirements and was voted in favor to be NOP listed for use under Crop Management Tools and Production Aids (CT) – as a Crop Production Material (7 CFR 205.601(2)(v). By meeting these requirements, KOCl will support organic growers and their Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) water quality requirements that state: all agricultural water must be safe and of adequate sanitary quality for its intended use.

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Peracetic Acid: An Effective Wastewater Disinfectant

Peracetic acid (PAA) is one of the most versatile and widely used disinfectants on the market. PAA has proven to be an excellent sanitizer and disinfectant in the food, beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and agriculture industries for industrial water treatment, as well as an excellent disinfectant for use in the wastewater treatment industry.

The most common PAA concentrations on the market for wastewater disinfection are 12 percent, 15 percent, and 22 percent active PAA.

Click HERE for further information about PAA wastewater treatment methods.

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Enviro Tech Chemical Services to Build New $8M Manufacturing Facility in Industrial Rail Park

Enviro Tech Chemical Services (ETCS) is pleased to announce a USD $8 million investment in a new chemical manufacturing facility in Levelland, TX.

In its first phase, the new facility will employ 25 people directly, with plans to provide 75 new jobs upon completion of a $5m expansion. Onboarding support will be included for all new employees through Enviro Tech’s new advanced training model, which includes company trainers that focus on safety, quality, continuous improvement and manufacturing efficiency.

The new facility, residing at the Levelland, Texas Industrial Rail Park will initially process around 10,000 tons of domestically sourced raw materials a year and will be equipped with state of the art automation, rail service, and environmental technologies. The advanced technologies include treatment and reuse of water, reuse of 90% of solid waste to recyclers, and energy-saving plant designs and equipment.

New Texas Manufacturing Facility Press Release

Enviro Tech Chemical Services Offers Next Generation PAA Detection Unit, Kemio

Enviro Tech Chemical Services (ETCS) is pleased to announce its new offering, the Kemio, a peroxyacetic acid (PAA) electronic disinfection testing unit. The Kemio, manufactured by Palintest, enables operators to conduct water disinfection validation tests at the point-of-use and get results within 60-seconds.

Critical water applications require proper disinfection dosing’s for effective sanitation. The Kemio, using electrochemical measurement technology, aids operators to quantify PAA solutions between 2-2000 ppm without dilution and is unaffected by the presence of hydrogen peroxide.

The Kemio is powered by patented, single-use sensors which generate an electrical current by reacting with chemicals in the water sample. Its electrical signal is the measurement used to determine the concentration of chemicals within the sample. This water disinfection detection device does require the use of a new testing strip for each individual test, but the actual instrument is built for industrial environments. In addition, all testing data collected is protected via an encrypted data transfer.

Kemio Press Release

Enviro Tech Chemical Services Peragreen Products Listed Under “Agrian” Label Directory

Enviro Tech Chemical Services (ETCS) is pleased to announce its Peragreen products, formulated for the control and reduction of slime, algae, bacterial and fungal diseases in various agricultural water systems, is now listed on Agrian’s comprehensive online Label Lookup directory.

Agrian is an Ag software company that provides an online Label Lookup resource that more than 330 manufacturers use to ensure their customers have access to the right information to use their products safely, efficiently and effectively.

“Our partners rely on us for Peragreen products that perform seamlessly and reliably. By utilizing Agrian’s online sharing platform, our partners have easy access to pertinent product data and safety information to help them optimize product performance safely and effectively,” said Jon Howarth, ETCS Senior Vice President of Technology.

Peragreen Agrian Press Release

Envio-Brom Now Approved as a Drain Sanitizer

Enviro Tech is pleased to announce that its slow-dissolving Enviro-Brom™ DBNPA Tabs are now EPA-registered for use as a drain sanitizer. This is a new-use EPA registration and represents the first for a solid DBNPA sanitizer in drain applications. DBNPA is a non-oxidizing biocide that has been proven effective against problematic drain microorganisms such as Listeria, Salmonella, Staphylococcus and E. coli. The low persistence of DBNPA means drain effluents and will not upset wastewater biological digestion systems. Enviro-Brom™ DBNPA Tabs are placed in the drain basket. Unlike fast-dissolving Quat and iodine rings Enviro-Brom™ DBNPA Tabs last up to 21-days depending on water temperature and flow. California registration pending. Click HERE to visit the Enviro Brom Tabs Webpage.

Level 3 SQF Certification

Enviro Tech is pleased to announce that our Modesto, CA and Helena, AR facilities have upgraded from Level 2 to Level 3 SQF Certification. Enviro Tech is the first and only SQF Certified peracetic acid manufacturer in the nation. It has always been Enviro Tech’s goal to produce the highest quality products and Level 3 SQF Certification gives our customers peace of mind that the products they receive are of the highest quality. Click HERE to view a copy of our certificates

Enviro Tech Chemical Services, Inc. Completes Installation of Largest Peracetic Acid Delivery and Dosing System in US

Press Release 011618

Enviro Tech Chemical Services, Inc. today announced that the Metro Wastewater Reclamation District in Denver, CO has begun disinfecting its wastewater effluent with Enviro Tech’s peracetic acid (PAA) product called Peragreen® WW (15% PAA) as a full-scale demonstration. This new bulk delivery and dosing system at the North and South Plant with a capacity of > 30,000 gallons of bulk PAA storage capacity is the largest operating system for wastewater treatment in the US.

Food Contact Notification 1806

Enviro Tech is pleased to announce the approval for a new Food Contact Notification (FCN) 1806 for use in poultry processing up to 2000 ppm active peracetic acid. Please contact your Enviro Tech sales representative for more information.

Food Contact Notification 1738

Enviro Tech is pleased to announce the recent approval for a new Food Contact Notification (FCN) for use in meat and produce processing. FCN 1738 allows for the use of Enviro Tech’s peracetic acid products on meat (beef, pork, lamb, etc) up to 1200 ppm active peracetic acid and on fruits and vegetables up to 500 ppm active peracetic acid. Please contact your Enviro Tech sales representative for more information.

Lexington TN Trial

WaterWorld Magazine recently published a wastewater trial at Lexington Water Systems in Tennessee where Enviro Tech’s Peragreen 22WW (22% peracetic acid) product was used as an alternative to chlorine disinfection. The results of the trial demonstrated that peracetic acid is an effective alternative to chlorine disinfection without the concern of forming potentially hazardous disinfection byproducts.

Click HERE to view the publication

Water World Mag

Click here to view our recent publication in Water World Magazine.

New Marinade FCN

Enviro Tech Chemical Services recently received the first Food Contact Notification (FCN 1654) for the use of our peracetic acid formulation in marinades applied to or injected into processed or unprocessed, cooked or uncooked whole or cut poultry as well as processed and pre-formed meat and poultry products.

News 8

Opening of Enviro Tech’s New Helena, Arkansas facility. Read about it here.

News 7

Enviro Tech has been granted FCN#1384 for the Coronis product. Effective March 6, 2014, Coronis can be used at up to 400 ppm on whole or cut meat products, 1000 ppm on whole or cut poultry products, 2000 ppm in poultry post-chiller or dip tanks prior to air chillers, and 350 ppm on fruits and vegetables.

News 6

Enviro Tech’s patent for on-site generation of peracetic acid has been awarded (US# 8,546,449 B2), and can be read here. Enviro Tech will be employing this technology in our product Coronis.

News 5

Enviro Tech has developed a new method for testing low levels of quaternary ammonia compounds, and has employed this method for a small study of the application of these types of compounds in the poultry industry.

See a demonstration video here, and read the accompanying report here.

News 4

Enviro Tech’s latest patent applications have been published! The first is regarding the on-site production of PAA (US20120245228) and the second is on the use of PAA in poultry chillers to increase yield (US20120244261).

News 3

Enviro Tech announces plans for $4 million expansion at Helena Harbor in eastern Arkansas, and subsequent creation of 40 jobs.

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News 2

FDA Food Contact Notification 944 awarded to Enviro Tech Chemical Services, allowing the use of a new bromine-based antimicrobial for meat and poultry

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News 1

FDA Food Contact Notification 908 awarded to Enviro Tech Chemical Services, allowing the use of peroxyacetic acid (PAA) on Ready-To-Eat meat and poultry products

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