Peragreen 22 (Not For Use in CA)

Peragreen® 22

Concentrated PAA Microbiocide for Agricultural Applications
EPA Reg No. 63838-20
NOT For Use in California
NOT For Use in California

Peragreen® 22, the most concentrated peracetic acid (PAA) formula on the market, is a microbiocide designed specifically for bacteria, fungi, slime, and odor control in various agricultural water systems. It can also be used in farming or horticultural applications — such as irrigation or drip water systems and greenhouses — and works in soil and foliar applications to prevent and control bacterial and fungal diseases from the soil or growing crops.

  • Peragreen® 22 treats process water systems (either liquid or ice) for raw or fresh, post-harvest or further-processed fruits and vegetables
  • Fruits and vegetables can be continuously sprayed or submerged (dipped) in a Peragreen@ 22 solution
  • Peragreen® 22 can be used in fogging procedures
  • Peragreen® 22 is compatible as direct injection or tank-mix* with many commonly used pesticides, fertilizers, adjuvants, and non-ionic surfactants
  • * Do not inject or tank mix this product directly into the irrigation system or into a spray tank with pesticides, surfactants, or fertilizers before conducting a compatibility test to show it is physically compatible, effective, and non-injurious under your use conditions. Do not tank mix this product with copper or other pesticides containing metals at a dilution rate stronger than 1:100.

Peragreen® 22 controls spoilage and decay-causing bacteria and fungi in commercial operations and packing houses.

As a treatment for agricultural or irrigation water systems, Peragreen® 22 prevents and controls sulfides, odor, slime, and algae. It also cleans slime and algae from drip filters, tapes, and emitters in drip irrigation systems

Peragreen® 22 controls and suppresses algae and slime formations in and around greenhouses.

As a soil and foliar application, Peragreen® 22 manages soilborne diseases (like Fusarium, Phytophthora, Pythium, Verticillium, Thielaviopsis, and Rhizoctonia) and cures or prevents bacterial and fungal diseases on growing agricultural crops (including all grains, herbs, spices, row crops, berries, fruit and nut trees, vines and tobacco).

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Peragreen 22 (Not For Use in CA)