Enviro Tech Showcases the Power of Peracetic Acid for Wastewater at Texas Water 2023

15% and 22% peracetic acid formulations safeguard wastewater with fewer chemicals
Learn More at Booth #442
March 31, 2023 – Specialty chemical manufacturer Enviro Tech (ET) – an Arxada company – is showcasing its powerful peracetic acid (PAA) chemistries for wastewater disinfection at Texas Water 2023, Apr. 11-14 in Houston.
For years, Enviro Tech has been helping wastewater treatment plants across the country win the battle against contaminants like bacteria, algae, and slime with Peragreen® WW, a potent PAA-based disinfectant and sanitizer designed exclusively for wastewater treatment.
Peragreen® WW – available in 15% and 22% concentrations – has significant advantages over chlorine-based disinfection, including a highly oxidizing chemistry that requires less product to achieve outsized results. Peragreen® WW also helps operators save money and lower capital expenditures, since PAA requires no neutralizing agent.
Whether you’re thinking of switching from chlorine to PAA or looking for a way to boost the effectiveness of an aging UV system, visit Enviro Tech at Texas Water in booth #442</strong >
Looking for our booth? Look for Peragreen Man, our wastewater treatment superhero who fights to safeguard wastewater using his superpower of PAA.
About Enviro Tech Chemical Services, Inc.
Enviro Tech (ET) – an Arxada company – is a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative bromine technologies and peroxyacetic acid formulations, delivers wide-ranging solutions that optimize operational efficiencies for keeping food and water safe and environments clean. ET partners with distributors to provide a complete line of EPA and FDA approved products for a variety of industries including industrial water treatment, meat and poultry processing, food & beverage, agriculture, animal health, oil & gas, wastewater treatment and more. ET holds 41 EPA registrations, 15 FDA Food Contact Notifications, and 14 U.S. patents.