Peroxy Foam (Peroxide-Based Cleaner)

Superior Foam Cleaner

PEROXY FOAM is intended for use in dairy, food, poultry, wine and beverage processing for CIP or foam cleaning of equipment and environmental surfaces. Due to its very high oxidation potential, it will readily break down proteins, fats, greases, oils, and slime. And it’s an outstanding performer for foam application in poultry houses, meat processing, dairy processing, beverages, and more.


  • Very reactive with organics such as food residue, biofilms, and proteins
  • Convenient due to its self-foaming characteristics
  • A single-use product for all applications

PEROXY FOAM is an outstanding replacement to chlorinated-alkaline foam products and performs equivalently or better compared to other oxidative foaming products such as peracetic acid (PAA) chlorine dioxide, and bleach. PEROXY FOAM is stable in temperatures up to 150F and its ingredients are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS).

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Peroxy Foam (Peroxide-Based Cleaner)