Dairy Processing Plant Microbiocide

Wheycide is a peracetic acid-based microbiocide developed for use in Federally Inspected dairy processing plants. When used as directed, Wheycide will reduce the incidence of pathogenic organisms, bacteria and other microorganisms that cause contamination and spoilage.

Its use is acceptable for direct or indirect introduction into lactose or whey operations to make products that are intended for use as a food or beverage additive for human consumption. Since its use is intended as an indirect process additive, it does not need to be declared on any subsequent product labeling.

FDA Food Contact Notification

In accordance with FDA Food Contact Notification #641 and #879, only Enviro Tech Chemical Services, Inc. or its authorized distributors are permitted to use peracetic acid products for whey protein concentrate intended for human consumption. EPA labeling or approval is not required for this product’s use in accordance with ARTCA, 1998 under FFDCA regulations #201(q)(1)(B)(i).

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