Hand Sanitizer

Enviro Tech Experiences Explosive Growth. Hires more workers.

Our hand-sanitizer production has put us in the first line of defense against COVID-19

We have been producing our hand-sanitizerBac Stop 3A — for the last ten years. But in the last two months, the production of this product has become our top priority to help people combat the spread of coronavirus. We have gone from making several gallons a day to working 24/7 to manufacture over 100 thousand gallons a day in our facilities, and it’s still not enough to meet our product demand.

We have hired 40 new employees and are assembling a new production line at our facility in Modesto, California, and completed similar hiring at our production plant in Helena, Arkansas, plus we are building a third facility in Texas.

Our story attracted the attention of KCRA 3 News, whose reporter, Brian Hickey, covered the story for the local news