Irrigation Line Cleaner

Irrigation Line Cleaner

Drip Line Cleaner and Slime Remover

Best farming approaches and Irrigation Good Management Practices (GMP) include keeping the integrity of water quality. And reliable irrigation water and well-managed irrigation are critical components of farm sustainability.

Irrigation Line Cleaner, a specialized blend of acids, oxidizers, and chelators, is formulated to control carbonate-based scale, metals, mineral deposits, and slime formation.

  • Cleans bicarbonates, metal, and mineral deposits
  • Treats clogs created by slime and hard water deposits
  • Eliminates slime build-up to increase water flow
  • Increases water penetration in alkaline soils

Irrigation Line Cleaner is safe for use in irrigation pipes as well as in drip irrigation lines. It can be used in various treatment programs — such as continuous or shock doses — to sustain irrigation water that is free of undesired mineral deposits and slime build-up.

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Irrigation Line Cleaner