Animal Biosecurity

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Healthy animals support safer food and a more sustainable world. That’s why animal biosecurity is more important than ever before. With food systems becoming more complex, preventing contamination on-farm, during transport, and during processing is critical to maintaining safety. Find out how our formulations can help swine, poultry and dairy operators achieve safe, efficient, and profitable outcomes.
Our full line of animal health solutions for livestock operations includes drinking water additives, drinker line cleaners, on-premises disinfectants, and COP/CIP equipment cleansers.
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Our proprietary formulations help improve the taste and quality of animal drinking water, ensuring this essential nutrient remains clean and bacteria free.
Surecide AH
SureCide AH is a food grade chlorine dioxide precursor for controlling odor and non-pathogenic organisms in livestock drinking water.
Generator Acid Activator
Generator is a premium blend of organic acids used to reduce pH in livestock drinking water and in chlorine dioxide generation.
Regulator Acid Activator
Regulator is a carbon-free acid blend used for chlorine dioxide generation and pH reduction additive for livestock drinking water.
Acivate-O is an OMRI certified acidic blend used for chlorine dioxide generation and pre-slaughter acidification.
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Clean drinker lines that are free from scale and biocontaminants help ensure high-quality water is delivered to livestock, boosting animal health and performance.
ProMax is a powerful, yet versatile waterline cleaner for poultry that allows waterline cleaning when birds are present or in-between flocks.
Perasan® A
Perasan A is a highly oxidizing formulation that is used in poultry and livestock watering operating systems to control algae and bacterial growth.
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Eliminating cross-contamination in high-traffic areas helps guard the entire farm premises against microorganism growth and propagation.
Peraguard® AH
PeraGuard AH is a quat-free, granulated, and moisture-activated peracetic acid-based foot pan and floor sanitizer for farms, barns, and hatcheries.
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For trays, poult boxes, farm buggies, dollies, and more, our hatchery formulations ensure a sanitary premises and help disinfect hatcheries even when birds are present.
Tray Wash XD
Tray Wash XD is used to clean trays in tray washers, poult box washers, farm buggy washers, dolly washers, and more as a CIP detergent in the hatchery sanitation processes.
Foam Chlor 50
Foam Chlor 50 is a premium foaming cleanser that can be used as a spray cleaner, in soak and COP cleaning, and for all types of cleaning in and around the hatchery.
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Dairy farmers face the challenges of establishing a profitable farm operation, and a healthy and productive herd. Our proprietary microbiocides for dairy operations provide long-term results in less time inside federally Inspected dairy processing plants. These formulations utilize the most concentrated combination of Peracetic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Octanoic Acid on the market today.
Reflex is an acid sanitizer specifically formulated for the food, beverage, and dairy industries. It is a unique, no-rinse formulation for CIP and COP pipeline, silo, tank, and equipment cleaning.
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Our Animal Biosecurity Formulations
Enviro Tech’s proprietary chemistries protect every step of the animal production process
  • Hatchery OX
  • Tray Wash XD
  • Foam Chlor 50
Water Treatment
  • SureCide AH
  • Bioside HS 15%
  • Generator
  • Regulator
  • Acivate-O
Drinker Line De-scaling
  • ProMax®
  • Perasan® A
Barns and Animal Housing
  • Perasan® A
Boot Pans and Floors
  • PeraGuard® AH
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Our Customer Service Promise
We are a team of technical service, marketing, and sales experts that all have industry field experience. We look forward to working with you to improve your programs and protect the animals in your care.
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Contact Us
Contact Enviro Tech and learn more about safeguarding your livestock with our animal biosecurity formulations.
McKenzie Moments
Combating Animal Respiratory Outbreaks through Advanced Water Treatment & Biosecurity
K. Scott McKenzie, Ph. D. — Enviro Tech’s head of Technical Services and Development for North America — visits a midwestern dairy farm during cold and virus season to discuss animal biosecurity, clean drinking water, and its importance in managing disease in animal production. View now to learn more about our formulations, dosing, and best practices to protect livestock.
Effectiveness of Solid vs. Liquid Chemicals in Achieving Farm Entrance Foot Pan Compliance
In this McKenzie Moment, Dr. Scott McKenzie teams up with Dr. Morgan Farnell at Texas A&M’s Poultry Research Farm to explore biosecurity strategies, focusing on the effectiveness of wet versus dry foot pan disinfectants and the benefits of using PeraGuard® AH at farm entryways. Their conversation highlights the critical role of employee compliance in biosecurity and introduces innovative solutions being tested for improved safety measures.

SDS/Tech Data/Labels

Tech Data
Product Labels
SureCide AH (Livestock Drinking Water Additive)
Generator Acid Activator
Regulator Acid Activator
Perasan® A
PeraGuard® AH
Tray Wash XD
Foam Chlor 50 (Chlorinated Alkali Cleaner)
Reflex™ (Acid Sanitizer)