Water Line Cleaner & Descaler

ProMax® is a premium fast-acting water line cleaner that eliminates scale and other structures that promote the growth of biofilm in poultry and livestock drinking water systems, ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

  • Removes and prevents slime and scale buildup for a clean and safe water supply
  • Improves water consumption, hydration, and overall health of livestock by removing iron, manganese, and calcium scale
  • Enhances feed conversion for efficient nutrient utilization and maximum growth potential in flocks
  • Maintains unobstructed water flow for reliable supply to your animals
  • Easily administered with a standard medicator at a dilution ratio of 1:128, providing a cost-effective solution for water line cleaning
  • Promotes flock health and performance by eliminating mineral scale buildup, creating a clean and optimized environment for them to thrive

Invest in ProMax® Water Line Cleaner & Descaler today and experience the benefits of superior water line cleanliness and optimized animal health.

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