Bioside HS 15%

Eliminate Microbial Contamination

Our environmentally friendly peracetic acid (PAA) solutions quickly eliminate microbial contamination; significantly reduce or eliminate H2S in water, oil, or gas, remove oil-wet FeS emulsions and scale from production equipment and well structures, plus much more.

BioSide HS 15%

BioSide HS 15% contains 15% peracetic acid and 22% hydrogen peroxide. This product is widely used as an additive in water that contacts fruits and vegetables and continues to grow in popularity as a sodium hypochlorite alternative. BioSide HS 15% is ideal for use in organic facilities as it is OMRI listed. In addition, BioSide HS 15% has EPA and FDA approvals for many other applications including:

  • Disinfection and microbial control in effluent treatment systems
  • As a biocide for industrial cooling water treatment to control microbial, slime, and biofilm growth
  • To control anaerobic sulfide-forming bacteria and aerobic slime-forming bacteria of oil, gas, and secondary oil recovery systems
  • Reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration membrane cleaning and biofilm removal
  • Sanitation of both organic and conventional food and beverage plants, as well as commercial greenhouses. For use on conveyors, pipelines, equipment, floors, walls, and drains
  • As an irrigation line cleaner to combat algae, bacteria, and biofilm
  • For Biofouling Control in pulp and paper mill water systems

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Bioside HS 15%

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