Brommax 7.1

Control Algae, Bacterial Slime and More

BromMax® 7.1 is an EPA registered biocide (#63838-5), that is an effective agent for controlling algae and bacterial slime in condensing and cooling equipment in which recirculating water is used as the cooling media in reservoirs or ponds. In addition, BromMax is very efficient in controlling algae and bacterial slime in decorative fountains, air washers, papermill influent water systems, and food, beverage, and industrial process pasteurizers. Plus, BromMax can be used to treat water in primary or secondary recovery systems to control the growth of sulfate-reducing bacteria as well as aerobic slime-forming bacteria. For all approved applications and use levels, refer to the Product Labels page.

BromMax 7.1 is created using the same innovative process used to make BromMax 10.2, but made to a standard and familiar concentration. For information on this production method, see the Technical Information page.

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Product Labels
Brommax 7.1


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