Enviro Brom Granules

EnviroBrom® G</span >

Controlled Release DBNPA Granules for Oil and Gas
EPA Reg No.

EnviroBrom® G is a granulated formulation containing 2,2-dibromo-3-nitrilopropionamide, commonly known as DBNPA, a non-oxidizing microbiocide, bactericide, fungicide, algaecide, and slimicide.

EnviroBrom® G has a similar chemistry to EnviroBrom Tabs but is produced in a granular form for the oil & gas industry. This allows the product to be added to a feed hopper in hydraulic fracturing operations and fit into small spaces, like underground fissures. Once there, the granules provide targeted biocide delivery.

  • Non-oxidizing biocide
  • Granules last for up to 24 hours
  • Granules are -8/+20 mesh
  • Dust-free for safe use
  • No process modifications are required
  • Controlled release
  • Dissolves gradually
  • Available in water-soluble bags that allow its safe handling

EnviroBrom® G controls slime-forming, sulfide and acid-producing bacteria, yeasts, and fungi in oil and gas field water, polymer or micellar floods, or other oil and gas field water systems.
EnviroBrom® G can be used for:

  • Enhanced or secondary oil & gas extraction
  • Continuous dosing for slime, sulfide, yeast, and fungi control
  • Intermittent and slug dosing for noticeably fouled water
  • Cooling ponds and reservoirs
  • Non-potable reverse osmosis systems

Enviro Tech’s proprietary EnviroBrom® G treatment lasts up to 24 hours, allowing for targeted biocide delivery. Even when the granules are dissolved, residual biocide remains in the solution until it has decomposed, extending disinfection times.



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Enviro Brom Granules