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Perasan L

Dairy Processing Plant Microbiocide PERASAN® L is a peroxyacetic acid-based microbiocide developed for use in federally inspected dairy processing plants. If used as directed, it will reduce the incidence of pathogenic organisms, bacteria, and microorganisms that cause contamination, spoilage, and decay. Its use is acceptable for direct or indirect contact in or on lactose intended for use as a food Read More


Enviro Tech is proud to offer the Safe-T-Feed system as an option on our various pack sizes of peracetic acid products such as Perasan A, Perasan MP-2, Reflex, and BioSide HS-15%. The Safe-T-Feed system was strategically designed to keep the concentrated peracetic acid product entirely contained and away from operator contact or contamination throughout an entire application process. The beauty Read More