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Bac Stop 2 Antimicrobial Hand Soap

Bac Stop™ 2  is a triclosan-free, high-quality antimicrobial, pH balanced blue soap that works as a germ-fighting formula while keeping hands moisturized, even with constant use. Its unsurpassed mildness makes Bac Stop™ 2 an ideal solution for people with even the most sensitive skin. This 100% biodegradable product meets or exceeds the requirements of the USDA to be used as Read More

Bac Stop E2 Foaming Antimicrobial Hand Soap

Germ Fighting Foaming Hand Soap Excellent foaming – proven antimicrobial fighting hand soap – produces a generous lather for a complete and gentle cleansing that washes away germs. This “triclosan-free” foaming hand soap is formulated with Chloroxylenol and special enriched moisturizers and emollients, which means it will not produce irritation or dryness, leaving even sensitive skin feeling soft and refreshed. Read More