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EnviroChlorite 15

ENVIROCHLORITE 15 Sodium Chlorite Solution EPA Reg No. 63838-21 EnviroChlorite 15 – a 15% sodium chlorite solution that can be used as a sanitizer in the dairy, food & beverage industry, CIP applications, pipeline cleaning, and fruit and vegetable washing. Characteristics High oxidation potential Highly reactive Excellent fungicidal and bactericidal properties Degrades to sodium chloride (table salt) Shelf-stable for a Read More

Irrigation Line Cleaner

Irrigation Line Cleaner Drip Line Cleaner and Slime Remover Best farming approaches and Irrigation Good Management Practices (GMP) include keeping the integrity of water quality. And reliable irrigation water and well-managed irrigation are critical components of farm sustainability. Irrigation Line Cleaner, a specialized blend of acids, oxidizers, and chelators, is formulated to control carbonate-based scale, metals, mineral deposits, and slime Read More