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Enviro Tech’s Peraspray Demonstrated Effective Against SARS-COV-2     EPA approval and N-Listing indicates peracetic acid sanitizer kills the virus that causes COVID-19   MODESTO, Calif., October 21, 2020  – Modesto, California, manufacturer Enviro Tech Chemical Services (ETCS), one of the nation’s fastest-growing manufacturers of sanitizing products, has announced that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved the company’s ready-to-use Read More

Bioside HS 15%

Bioside® HS 15% Multipurpose PAA Microbiocide EPA Reg No. 63838-2 BioSide® HS 15% is a versatile peracetic acid (PAA) based microbiocide developed for equipment sanitizing, disinfection, aseptic packaging, and bacteria, fungi, slime, and odor control. It quickly eliminates microbial contamination. Its formulation — a balanced mixture of peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid, proprietary ingredients, and water — makes it Read More

Bioside HS 15% (Oil & Gas Industry)

Bioside® HS 15%  Multipurpose PAA Microbiocide EPA Reg No. 63838-2  BioSide® HS 15% quickly eliminates microbial contamination. It also significantly reduces or eradicates H2S in water, oil, or gas, and removes oil-wet FeS emulsions and scale from production equipment and well structures, plus much more. Its formulation — a balanced mixture of peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid, proprietary ingredients, Read More

Level 3 SQF Certification

Enviro Tech is pleased to announce that our Modesto, CA and Helena, AR facilities have upgraded from Level 2 to Level 3 SQF Certification. Enviro Tech is the first and only SQF Certified peracetic acid manufacturer in the nation. It has always been Enviro Tech’s goal to produce the highest quality products and Level 3 SQF Certification gives our customers Read More

Enviro Tech Chemical Services, Inc. Completes Installation of Largest Peracetic Acid Delivery and Dosing System in US

Press Release 011618 Enviro Tech Chemical Services, Inc. today announced that the Metro Wastewater Reclamation District in Denver, CO has begun disinfecting its wastewater effluent with Enviro Tech’s peracetic acid (PAA) product called Peragreen® WW (15% PAA) as a full-scale demonstration. This new bulk delivery and dosing system at the North and South Plant with a capacity of > 30,000 Read More

Food Safety Solutions

Eliminate Food-Borne Pathogens With Effective Food Plant Sanitation Methods   When it comes to processing, preparing and manufacturing foods safely, diligent cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing is of utmost importance. Keeping an entire processing plant clean not only requires specific tools and procedures but the proper understanding of how to eliminate food-borne pathogens and keep them under control. Cleaning and sanitizing Read More

Peragreen 5.6%

Peragreen® 5.6% Antimicrobial Solution EPA Reg. No. 63838-1 Peragreen® 5.6% is a peracetic acid (PAA) based microbiocide developed for bacteria, slime, mildew, odor, fungal, and algae control in agricultural waters. With an equilibrium mixture of peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid, proprietary ingredients, including water, Peragreen® 5.6% formula is approved for organic and non-organic crops. Peragreen® 5.6% may be used Read More

Perasan MP-2

Perasan MP-2 is an FDA-approved antimicrobial specifically formulated for use in ice and water that directly contacts meat, poultry, seafood, plus further processed fruits and vegetables. Perasan MP-2 contains 15% peracetic acid, 6% hydrogen peroxide, and acetic acid. Put A Halt To Discoloration Problems Perasan MP-2 does not cause the discoloration problems in poultry as seen with other formulations, due Read More

Liquid Acid Sanitizer

REDUCX Liquid Acid Sanitizer

Shields Against Contaminants Longer   End-users in the dairy food, and beverage processing industry know the importance of thorough cleaning and sanitizing procedures. While robust cleaning and sanitation procedures are an absolute necessity in the food industry, it’s important to balance the amount of time and money that goes into necessary cleaning and sanitation efforts. Introducing REDUCX , a cost-effective, Read More


Enviro Tech is proud to offer the Safe-T-Feed system as an option on our various pack sizes of peracetic acid products such as Perasan A, Perasan MP-2, Reflex, and BioSide HS-15%. The Safe-T-Feed system was strategically designed to keep the concentrated peracetic acid product entirely contained and away from operator contact or contamination throughout an entire application process. The beauty Read More


Dairy Processing Plant Microbiocide Wheycide is a peracetic acid-based microbiocide developed for use in Federally Inspected dairy processing plants. When used as directed, Wheycide will reduce the incidence of pathogenic organisms, bacteria and other microorganisms that cause contamination and spoilage. Its use is acceptable for direct or indirect introduction into lactose or whey operations to make products that are intended Read More