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Enviro Brom Granules

Controlled Release Granules for Oil and Gas Fracturing Enviro Brom Granules are based on the Enviro Brom Tabs, but in a granular form factor. This allows the product to be added to a feed hopper in hydraulic fracturing operations and fit into small spaces, like underground fissures. Once there, the granules provide targeted biocide delivery. Advantages of Enviro Tech’s slow Read More

Perasan OG

Oil & Gas Biofilm & Slime Control Our environmentally friendly peracetic acid (PAA) solutions quickly eliminate microbial contamination; significantly reduce or eliminate H2S in water, oil, or gas, remove oil-wet FeS emulsions and scale from production equipment and well structures, plus much more. Perasan OG is a 22% peracetic acid formulation for the control of slime and biofilms in the Read More

Safe Acid O&G Plus

Safe Acid O&G Plus is the most concentrated safe acid on the market. Safe Acid O&G Plus is a 22% equivalent hydrochloric acid product that is safe yet highly effective for treating and maintaining wells as well as removing scale build-up on equipment and pipes. Safe Acid O&G Plus is a safe alternative to conventional hydrochloric acid. Safe Acid O&G Read More