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EnviroChlorite 25

EnviroChlorite 25 is an excellent bactericidal and fungicidal product for combatting a wide range of microorganisms in cold or warm water. The product can be used in the dairy, food, and beverage processing industry for CIP pipeline cleaning, fruit and vegetable washing, and cleaning. It is appropriate for use in organic production as approved by the NOP. It is also Read More

EnviroBrom Tablets

EnviroBrom® Tabs Slow Release DBNPA Tablets EPA Reg. No. 63838-16 EnviroBrom® Tabs is a microbicide, bactericide, fungicide, algaecide, and slimicide formulation used in treating water for industrial recirculating and evaporative coolers, basement sumps, air conditioning pans, cooling ponds, lined reservoirs, decorative fountains, air washing systems, RO membranes and metal working fluids. EnviroBrom® Tabs is the most concentrated tablet form of Read More

Perasan L

Perasan® L Microbiocide for Lactose Production Perasan® L is a peracetic acid-based microbiocide specifically developed for its use in federally inspected dairy processing plants. Perasan® L reduces the incidence of pathogenic organisms, bacteria, and other microorganisms that cause contamination and spoilage. Perasan® L can be used for direct or indirect introduction into lactose intended for use as a food or Read More

SureCide AH (Livestock Drinking Water Additive)

SureCide AH Livestock Drinking Water Additive EPA Reg No. 63838-24 SureCide AH is a food-grade sodium chlorite and chlorine dioxide (acidified chlorite) solution precursor for continuous use in poultry and livestock drinking water. It's also Kosher and OMRI Certified. SureCide AH is excellent for controlling odor and bacteria in livestock drinking water due to its high reactivity and resistance to Read More