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Bac Stop™ Spray RTU Alcohol Cleaner

BAC STOP™ SPRAY is a high-quality, ready-to-use (RTU), ethanol-based surface spray cleaner. BAC STOP™ SPRAY is primarily comprised of ethanol, therefore the liquid evaporates faster than water-based products, making it ideal for operations that require low moisture. BAC STOP™ SPRAY can be used on virtually any surface including but not limited to plastic, glass, metal, painted surfaces, and more. This Read More

Food Safety Solutions

Eliminate Food-Borne Pathogens With Effective Food Plant Sanitation Methods   When it comes to processing, preparing and manufacturing foods safely, diligent cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing is of utmost importance. Keeping an entire processing plant clean not only requires specific tools and procedures but the proper understanding of how to eliminate food-borne pathogens and keep them under control. Cleaning and sanitizing Read More