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BromMax 7.1

Cooling Tower Water Treatment. Control Algae, Bacterial Slime and More BromMax® 7.1 is an EPA registered biocide (#63838-5), that is an effective agent for controlling algae and bacterial slime in condensing and cooling equipment in which recirculating water is used as the cooling media in reservoirs or ponds. In addition, BromMax is very efficient in controlling algae and bacterial slime Read More

BromMax 10.2

Industrial Cooling Tower Water Treatment Enviro Tech’s BromMax® is the world’s most concentrated liquid bromine biocide for industrial water treatment (10.2% as Cl2) and is covered by US Patent #7,045,153. BromMax is produced using a novel process that both eliminates bromate ion formation and also reduces the creation of inert salts to keep conductivity low in the receiving water. For Read More

EnviroBrom Tablets

EnviroBrom® Tabs Slow Release DBNPA Tablets EPA Reg. No. 63838-16 EnviroBrom® Tabs is a microbicide, bactericide, fungicide, algaecide, and slimicide formulation used in treating water for industrial recirculating and evaporative coolers, basement sumps, air conditioning pans, cooling ponds, lined reservoirs, decorative fountains, air washing systems, RO membranes and metal working fluids. EnviroBrom® Tabs is the most concentrated tablet form of Read More