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Bioside HS 15%

Bioside™ HS 15% Multipurpose PAA Microbiocide EPA Reg No. 63838-2 BioSide™ HS 15% is a versatile peracetic acid (PAA) based microbiocide developed for equipment sanitizing, disinfection, aseptic packaging, and bacteria, fungi, slime, and odor control. It quickly eliminates microbial contamination. Its formulation — a balanced mixture of peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid, proprietary ingredients, and water — makes it Read More

Bioside HS 15% (Oil & Gas Industry)

Bioside® HS 15%  Multipurpose PAA Microbiocide EPA Reg No. 63838-2  BioSide® HS 15% quickly eliminates microbial contamination. It also significantly reduces or eradicates H2S in water, oil, or gas, and removes oil-wet FeS emulsions and scale from production equipment and well structures, plus much more. Its formulation — a balanced mixture of peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid, proprietary ingredients, Read More

Brewery Wash (Caustic-Free Cleaner)

Brewery Wash Non-Caustic CIP and General Purpose Cleaner Brewery Wash is a buffered alkaline CIP and general-purpose cleaner. Specially formulated to remove organic deposits commonly encountered in breweries, Brewery Wash is an effective alternative for caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) products. Characteristics Caustic-free cleaner Contains non-hazardous ingredients Effective & versatile Can be used at temperatures ranging from ambient to 180°F Can Read More

EnviroChlorite 7.5

EnviroChlorite 7.5 is an EPA registered 7.5% active sodium chlorite antimicrobial product ideal for use in the dairy, food, and beverage processing industry for CIP pipeline cleaning, fruit and vegetable washing and cleaning. It is appropriate for use in organic production as approved by the National Organic Program (NOP). It is also used in the treatment of recirculating cooling water Read More

EnviroChlorite 15

ENVIROCHLORITE 15 Sodium Chlorite Solution EPA Reg No. 63838-21 EnviroChlorite 15 – a 15% sodium chlorite solution that can be used as a sanitizer in the dairy, food & beverage industry, CIP applications, pipeline cleaning, and fruit and vegetable washing. Characteristics High oxidation potential Highly reactive Excellent fungicidal and bactericidal properties Degrades to sodium chloride (table salt) Shelf-stable for a Read More

Perasan A

Perasan A A versatile PAA Sanitizer/Disinfectant EPA Reg No. 63838-1 EPA Establishment No. 63838-CA-01: 63838-AR-001 for food and beverage use PERASAN A is a peracetic acid (PAA) antimicrobial formulation that cleans, sanitizes, and disinfects. Its unique microbiocide properties work against a wide range of microorganisms in cold or warm water. PERASAN A can be used as an industrial sanitizer and Read More

Peroxy Foam (Peroxide-Based Cleaner)

Superior Foam Cleaner PEROXY FOAM is intended for use in dairy, food, poultry, wine and beverage processing for CIP or foam cleaning of equipment and environmental surfaces. Due to its very high oxidation potential, it will readily break down proteins, fats, greases, oils, and slime. And it’s an outstanding performer for foam application in poultry houses, meat processing, dairy processing, Read More

Reflex (Acid Sanitizer)

Reflex ™ No-Rinse Acid Sanitizer EPA Reg No. 63838-12 Reflex™ belongs to a new generation of acid sanitizers formulated for the food, beverage, and dairy industries. It’s a no-rinse acid sanitizer for CIP and COP pipeline, silo, tank, and equipment cleaning and sanitizing processes that helps conserve water Reflex™ is a phosphate-free peracetic acid and nitric acid-based microbiocide developed for Read More