Peracetic Acid For Grains

Protect Against the Unexpected


Every year, over 425 million tons of flour are processed worldwide from grains. The majority of this output is from 5,000 mills from around the world with manufacturing capacities of over 100 tons a day.  Flour is a raw ingredient that comes from grains, which, unfortunately, can unexpectedly become contaminated with pathogens such as E. coli and Salmonella. Because flour is used to make some of the most widely consumed foods globally, flour millers must seek proactive measures to rid the grains of microbial contaminants.


Protecting The Consumer


With over 10 flour recalls in 2019, we realize consumer protection is the number one priority for Flour Millers. That’s why Enviro Tech’s scientific team has been working diligently to innovate feasible grain protection solutions for Flour Millers.



Meet Peragreen 15%


– Peragreen 15% sanitizer is a viable organic food safety solution for Flour Millers that is used from pre-harvest (seeds, soil, foliar, irrigation) through post-harvest, as well as during grain tempering.

– Application of Peragreen 15% seamlessly integrates into the tempering step of the milling process to enhance the safety of the finished flour should it be consumed in uncooked wheat products such as cookie dough.

Peragreen 15% extends grain and flour safety assurances from the plant through the retail supply chain by reducing food-safety risk without compromising the grain that could impact the flour’s flavor, texture, appearance, and performance.


What is PERAGREEN 15%?


An Organic Solution That…

  • provides an effective kill step that doesn’t compromise the quality or performance of resulting flour
  • requires no changes to a Flour Millers existing process flow
  • biodegrades completely
  • achieves food safety goals


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Peracetic Acid For Grains

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