FloorGuard New

Floor Guard™ 

Higher Floor Cleanliness Without Cross-Contamination

Floor Guard is a dual-chain quaternary ammonium-based floor treatment designed to relieve concerns of cleanliness and cross-contamination on floors in production rooms, cool rooms, freezers, cold storage areas, and anywhere there is foot or forklift traffic. Floor Guard™ consists of light density, air-dried beads that burst under the weight of a shoe or tire — immediately releasing its active ingredients — coating and protecting them from transferring contaminants.

  • Kosher approved
  • Completely water-soluble and dissolvable, it leaves no particulate residue after rinsing
  • Contains a special cationic detergent to clean and deodorize floor surfaces
  • Holds GRAS Status (Generally Recognized As Safe)

Floor Guard can be used on wet or dry floors depending on the conditions of its intended use. It is designed for its application in industrial and institutional facilities, including:

  • Food processing plants
  • Cold or cool rooms
  • Doorways
  • Forklift traffic lanes
  • Dry storage warehouses