Bac Stop™ Spray RTU Alcohol Cleaner

BAC STOP™ SPRAY is a high-quality, ready-to-use (RTU), ethanol-based surface spray cleaner. BAC STOP™ SPRAY is primarily comprised of ethanol, therefore the liquid evaporates faster than water-based products, making it ideal for operations that require low moisture. BAC STOP™ SPRAY can be used on virtually any surface including but not limited to plastic, glass, metal, painted surfaces, and more. This product is an ideal cleaner for use in various industries such as food plants, households, medical/veterinary facilities, restaurants, automotive, dairies, breweries, and more!

Reopening America
This product meets the CDC Guidelines for alternative products for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, public areas, schools, and homes when an EPA registered disinfectant is not available. Please click HERE for more information.

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Bac Stop™ Spray RTU Alcohol Cleaner