BAC STOP™ GEL Hand Sanitizer

FDA NDC# 66284-004

Bac Stop Gel SanitizerFast Acting. Germ Fighting. Gel Hand Sanitizer

BAC STOP™ Gel Hand Sanitizer is an instant hand antiseptic cleanser for use as protection against harmful germs, diseases, and viruses in the absence of clean water. No rinsing required. Kills 99% of most common germs within seconds, and is non-sticky. Formulated with glycerin and special enriched moisturizers and emollients leaves hands feeling clean and silky-soft. The BAC STOP™ Gel Hand Sanitizer dries quickly after use and helps ensure proper hygiene.

70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel Advantages

  • No water or rinsing needed. Just rub in and let dry
  • Exceeds FDA/USDA recommendations for highest hand antisepsis
  • Contains glycerin for silky-soft hands
  • Non-sticky formulation
  • Made in the USA

Available in: 4×1-gal case (with and without push pumps), 2.5-gallon, 5-gallon, 55-gallon drums, and 320-gallon totes

Hand Sanitizer Gel - Bac Stop


Safely Made For You

  • We are fully stocked with Sanitizer.
  • We are NOT affiliated with any Sanitizer Recalls in recent news stories.
  • We manufacture solely in the United States.
  • Our sanitizer is FDA Registered and Safe to Use.


Now Offering Dispensing Solutions

  • Touchless Infrared Auto-Dispenser
  • Gel/Liquid Dispenser 
  • Foam Dispenser
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BAC STOP™ GEL Hand Sanitizer