Bac Stop 2 Antimicrobial Hand Soap

Bac Stop™ 2  is a triclosan-free, high-quality antimicrobial, pH balanced blue soap that works as a germ-fighting formula while keeping hands moisturized, even with constant use. Its unsurpassed mildness makes Bac Stop™ 2 an ideal solution for people with even the most sensitive skin.

This 100% biodegradable product meets or exceeds the requirements of the USDA to be used as an E-2 antimicrobial hand wash – engineered primarily for use in food plant environments to help ensure any hand washing practice meets E-2 requirements.

Other USES: personal / surfaces

Bac Stop™ 2 can be used both as hand soap and as dishwashing soap if diluted in water. It features chloroxylenol based protection and Kosher certification. And its formulation won’t irritate the skin when used as either hand soap or dish detergent. This product meets or exceeds USDA guidelines for E2* rated hand soaps and sanitizers.

* E2: Handwashing and sanitizing compounds. Hands do not need to be washed and rinsed prior to the use of the compound. After the use of the compounds, the hands must be thoroughly rinsed with potable water. The compounds must always be used at dilutions and according to applicable label directions. E stands for Employee Hand Care.


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Bac Stop 2 Antimicrobial Hand Soap