Enviro Tech Showcases the Power of Peracetic Acid for Wastewater at Texas Water 2023

15% and 22% peracetic acid formulations safeguard wastewater with fewer chemicals Learn More at Booth #442 March 31, 2023 – Specialty chemical manufacturer Enviro Tech (ET) – an Arxada company – is showcasing its powerful peracetic acid (PAA) chemistries for wastewater disinfection at Texas Water 2023, Apr. 11-14 in Houston. For years, Enviro Tech has been helping wastewater treatment plants Read More

PAA: A Perfect Pairing for Winemaking

Fine wine requires rigorous attention to sanitation and disinfection. From the vine to the bottle, keeping products safe from contaminants is critical for product quality, brand reputation, and consumer confidence. Discover how Peracetic Acid (PAA) is used at every stage of viticulture and winemaking processes and how it can safeguard wine production, solving the sanitation and disinfection challenges vintners face Read More

Enviro Tech Showcases PeraGuard® at 2022 Food Safety Summit

Enviro Tech and Arxada food safety products featured in booth #433 May 4, 2022 – Modesto, Calif. – specialty chemical manufacturer Enviro Tech Chemical Services (ETCS) – an Arxada company – is showcasing the world’s first and only dry peracetic acid (PAA) floor and equipment sanitizer at the Food Safety Summit, May 10-12, 2022 in Chicago. PeraGuard® is a new, Read More

Arxada acquires Enviro Tech Chemical Services, expanding presence into food and beverage market

Acquisition brings highly complementary and innovative solutions to Arxada’s portfolio, including peracetic acid-based, environmentally sustainable offerings Second strategic deal by Arxada since starting its transformation journey as an independent company in July 2021 Basel, Switzerland – 23 December, 2021 – Arxada AG, a global leader in specialty chemicals, today announces it has completed the acquisition of Enviro Tech Chemical Services, Read More

Enviro Tech Introduces PeraGuard® – The First Dry Peracetic Acid (PAA) Sanitizer

Patented Dry PAA-based floor, drain, and equipment sanitizer is EPA registered for use in food and beverage facilities, other manufacturing operations, and farm applications MODESTO, Calif. – September 23, 2021 – Modesto, Calif. specialty chemical manufacturer Enviro Tech Chemical Services (ETCS) has introduced the world’s first and only dry peracetic acid (PAA) floor and equipment sanitizer. PeraGuard®, a patented formulation, Read More

PAA for Breweries

REFLEX™ for Breweries: A Simple Solution for CIP NSF EPA REG. NO. 63838-12 CIP cleaning for brewery equipment can be a tricky, water-intensive process, but it’s necessary to ensure safety and maintain production capacity. CIP for brewers requires an aggressive multi-step process that can be complicated and confusing. That’s why we developed Reflex™ for Breweries; a CIP process designed specifically Read More

PAA for Wineries

PAA for Wineries Wine helps drive the California economy. With domestic sales exceeding $46 billion in 2020, the California grape crop is critically important as an agricultural product, not just for the state but also for the U.S. That’s why product safety and crop security are top concerns for winegrowers. Enviro Tech’s peracetic acid (PAA) formulations help winegrowers — from Read More

Leave Foliar Diseases Behind with Peracetic Acid

Leave Foliar Diseases Behind with Peracetic Acid Foliar diseases are all too common and familiar to farmers for ruining commercial crops and reducing yields. These diseases — fungal, bacterial, and viral — affect plants by interfering with absorption and translocation of water and nutrients, which in turn impact flower and fruit development. Foliar disease can disrupt the global agricultural economy Read More

Cooling Tower Bacteria: No Match for Brommax

Cooling Tower Bacteria: No Match for Slime. Biofilm. Gunk. Crud. Building engineers are more than familiar with the contaminants that diminish cooling tower efficiency and reliability. The technical term for the “nasty stuff” in cooling tower water is microbiological fouling by bacteria, but it isn’t just gross – fouling can breed unsafe levels of microorganism growth. Evaporative cooling and “drift” Read More

Enviro Tech and PeroxyChem Sign a License Agreement for Use of U.S. Patent No. 10,912,321

Methods of Using Peracetic Acid to Treat Poultry in a Chill Tank During Processing MODESTO, Calif. – May 21, 2021 – Modesto, Calif. manufacturer Enviro Tech Chemical Services, Inc. (ETCS) has issued a license agreement to PeroxyChem, an Evonik Company, for use of its U.S. Patent No. 10,912,321- Methods of Using Peracetic Acid to Treat Poultry in a Chill Tank Read More

Press Release Re: Zeco Litigation

U.S. Patent No. 10,912,321 was issued to Enviro Tech on February 9, 2021 for methods of using peracetic acid solutions at an alkaline pH to treat poultry during processing. Enviro Tech takes the intellectual property rights of itself and others seriously. As of April 15, 2021, Enviro Tech is in a federal lawsuit against Zeco, LLC d/b/a Zee Company, a Read More

Enviro Tech is Ready in Levelland

Our new facility will help meet regional demands for water treatment biocides Enviro Tech’s new plant, located in Levelland, Texas, is becoming a reality after almost two years since its announcement. We couldn’t be more proud of the effort, planning, and state-of-the-art technologies behind its construction. Our new chemical plant will feature advanced manufacturing techniques to produce EPA registered biocides Read More

PAA Tackles Irrigation and Food Safety Challenges for Nut Growers

PAA Tackles Irrigation and Food Safety Challenge for Nut Growers The California nut crop is robust and green near our headquarters in Modesto, as almond and pistachio groves spring to life. With water in short supply and growers relying on a good harvest, maintaining irrigation lines is critical for better yields. That’s why Enviro Tech is proud to supply the Read More

Enviro Tech’s Peraspray Demonstrated Effective Against SARS-COV-2     EPA approval and N-Listing indicates peracetic acid sanitizer kills the virus that causes COVID-19   MODESTO, Calif., October 21, 2020  – Modesto, California, manufacturer Enviro Tech Chemical Services (ETCS), one of the nation’s fastest-growing manufacturers of sanitizing products, has announced that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved the company’s ready-to-use Read More

Enviro Tech’s specialists among the team of PAA experts authoring a WEF publication

The book aims to provide PAA knowledge to adopt this greener technology in wastewater facilities   MODESTO, Calif. – October 7, 2020 – Jacquelyn Wilson, our Technical Wastewater Sales Manager, and Phil Harvey, our Vice President of National Operations, are among the team of Peracetic Acid (PAA) experts who authored a new Water Environment Federation (WEF) publication. The book Peracetic Read More

Enviro Tech Plant Manager Named to Arkansas Workforce Development Board

Charles Johnson oversees growth of the company’s Helena, Ark. operations   MODESTO, Calif. – Sept. 21, 2020 – Modesto, Calif. manufacturer Enviro Tech Chemical Services (ETCS) congratulates its Helena, Ark. plant manager, Charles Johnson, for his selection to Governor Asa Hutchinson’s Arkansas Workforce Development Board. Mr. Johnson, a four-year employee of ETCS, has overseen growth and capacity expansion of the Read More

National Food Safety Day

To stay healthy, we need a daily input of safe and nutritious food. You are what you eat, says an ancient proverb. At Enviro Tech, we play a critical role in helping keep food & beverages safe. We work shoulder to shoulder with food and beverage processing facilities to help them meet FDA requirements that ensure whatever is on our Read More

Hand Sanitizer

Enviro Tech Experiences Explosive Growth. Hires more workers.

Our hand-sanitizer production has put us in the first line of defense against COVID-19 We have been producing our hand-sanitizer — Bac Stop 3A — for the last ten years. But in the last two months, the production of this product has become our top priority to help people combat the spread of coronavirus. We have gone from making several Read More

Enviro Tech Receives NOP Listing For KOCI – A Potassium Hypochlorite Solution

Enviro Tech Chemical Services (ETCS) is pleased to announce the National Organic Program (NOP) unanimously voted to add Potassium Hypochlorite Solution (KOCI) to the national list of allowed materials for use in organic handling. KOCl Added to National List of Allowed Materials for Use in Organic Handling Enviro Tech’s Potassium Hypochlorite Solution (KOCl) met the NOP’s requirements and was voted in favor Read More

Peracetic Acid: An Effective Wastewater Disinfectant

Peracetic acid (PAA) is one of the most versatile and widely used disinfectants on the market. PAA has proven to be an excellent sanitizer and disinfectant in the food, beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and agriculture industries for industrial water treatment, as well as an excellent disinfectant for use in the wastewater treatment industry. The most common PAA concentrations on the market Read More