Peragreen 22 (Not For Use in CA)

Peragreen® 22

Concentrated PAA Microbiocide for Agricultural Applications
EPA Reg No. 63838-20
NOT For Use in California
NOT For Use in California

Peragreen® 22, the most concentrated peracetic acid (PAA) formula on the market, is a microbiocide designed specifically for bacteria, fungi, slime, and odor control in various agricultural water systems. It can also be used in farming or horticultural applications — such as irrigation or drip water systems and greenhouses — and works in soil and foliar applications to prevent and control bacterial and fungal diseases from the soil or growing crops.

  • Peragreen® 22 treats process water systems (either liquid or ice) for raw or fresh, post-harvest or further-processed fruits and vegetables
  • Fruits and vegetables can be continuously sprayed or submerged (dipped) in a Peragreen@ 22 solution
  • Peragreen® 22 can be used in fogging procedures
  • Peragreen® 22 is compatible as direct injection or tank-mix* with many commonly used pesticides, fertilizers, adjuvants, and non-ionic surfactants
  • * Do not inject or tank mix this product directly into the irrigation system or into a spray tank with pesticides, surfactants, or fertilizers before conducting a compatibility test to show it is physically compatible, effective, and non-injurious under your use conditions. Do not tank mix this product with copper or other pesticides containing metals at a dilution rate stronger than 1:100.

Peragreen® 22 controls spoilage and decay-causing bacteria and fungi in commercial operations and packing houses.

As a treatment for agricultural or irrigation water systems, Peragreen® 22 prevents and controls sulfides, odor, slime, and algae. It also cleans slime and algae from drip filters, tapes, and emitters in drip irrigation systems

Peragreen® 22 controls and suppresses algae and slime formations in and around greenhouses.

As a soil and foliar application, Peragreen® 22 manages soilborne diseases (like Fusarium, Phytophthora, Pythium, Verticillium, Thielaviopsis, and Rhizoctonia) and cures or prevents bacterial and fungal diseases on growing agricultural crops (including all grains, herbs, spices, row crops, berries, fruit and nut trees, vines and tobacco).

Peragreen 15%

Peragreen® 15%

PAA Microbiocide for the Food Industry
EPA Reg No. 63838-2

Peragreen® 15% is a peracetic acid (PAA) microbiocide formulation engineered for bacteria, fungi, slime, and odor control in fruit and vegetable process water systems and agricultural water treatment systems.

In fruit and vegetable commercial operations and packing houses, Peragreen® 15% can be used to control spoilage and decay-causing bacteria and fungi in water or ice that contacts raw or fresh, post-harvest or further processed fruits and vegetables.

Peragreen® 15% is a great choice to reduce algae and bacteria in drinking water and control mineral build-up in watering operating systems for poultry, swine, and livestock industries.

Peragreen® 15% covers all the production stages for agricultural or horticultural application — from soil and foliar applications, irrigation and drip water systems, to seed treatments. Peragreen® 15% can be used in sand filters, humidifiers, storage tanks, ponds, reservoirs, canals, and greenhouses.

Due to its sanitizing properties, Peragreen® 15% is a feasible option for producing safe flour, free of pathogenic microorganisms. It’s a one-stop agricultural additive that cures or prevents bacterial and fungal disease on grains.

  • Water-soluble
  • Approved for organic and non-organic crops
  • Zero-hour re-entry interval
  • Effective within a wide range of pH values
  • Biodegradable
  • No toxic byproducts
  • Does not require water rinse after application

Peragreen 5.6%

Peragreen ® 5.6%

Antimicrobial Solution
EPA Number: 63838-1

Peragreen® 5.6% is a peracetic acid (PAA) based microbiocide developed for bacteria, slime, mildew, odor, and algae control in agricultural waters.

With an equilibrium mixture of peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid, proprietary ingredients, including water, Peragreen® 5.6% formula is approved for organic and non-organic crops.

Peragreen® 5.6% may be used as a direct soil & seed treatment, as a pre-plant application at seeding or transplanting, and as a periodic soil treatment throughout the plant’s life up to the day of harvest. It can be applied weekly as a preventative product or initially used as a curative product. Its agricultural & horticultural uses include:


Drip Systems


Foliar Spraying

Covering everything from soil applications and seed treatments to irrigation systems and foliar application, Peragreen® 5.6% is your one-stop agricultural additive.

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Enviro Tech Chemical Services Peragreen Products Listed Under “Agrian” Label Directory

Enviro Tech Chemical Services (ETCS) is pleased to announce its Peragreen products, formulated for the control and reduction of slime, algae, bacterial and fungal diseases in various agricultural water systems, is now listed on Agrian’s comprehensive online Label Lookup directory.

Agrian is an Ag software company that provides an online Label Lookup resource that more than 330 manufacturers use to ensure their customers have access to the right information to use their products safely, efficiently and effectively.

“Our partners rely on us for Peragreen products that perform seamlessly and reliably. By utilizing Agrian’s online sharing platform, our partners have easy access to pertinent product data and safety information to help them optimize product performance safely and effectively,” said Jon Howarth, ETCS Senior Vice President of Technology.

Peragreen Agrian Press Release

Peragreen WW (PAA Wastewater Disinfection)

Peragreen WW is Enviro Tech’s Peracetic Acid formulation for Wastewater Disinfection. It is a 15% peracetic acid microbiocide specifically developed for the control of bacteria and algae growth in wastewater treatment systems. Peragreen WW is ideal for reducing bacterial organisms commonly found in wastewater treatment systems without the formation of potentially harmful disinfection byproducts associated with other common microbiocides.  Peragreen WW can be used as a standalone product or in conjunction with other systems such as ultraviolet (UV) light.

EBDA Full-Scale Pilot Study

Peragreen Man

PERAGREEN WW is a peracetic acid (PAA) microbiocide developed for bacterial and algal control in wastewater treatment systems.

Can be applied as a primary, secondary, or tertiary disinfectant; in combination with UV; or as a replacement for chlorination and dechlorination systems. PAA does not require neutralization.


It exhibits excellent bactericidal and fungicidal activity against a wide range of microorganisms in cold or warm water.

PERAGREEN WW is a peracetic acid (PAA) microbiocide developed for bacterial and algal control in wastewater treatment systems.

Can be applied as a primary, secondary, or tertiary disinfectant; in combination with UV; or as a replacement for chlorination and dechlorination systems. PAA does not require neutralization.


It exhibits excellent bactericidal and fungicidal activity against a wide range of microorganisms in cold or warm water.

Peracetic Acid For Grains

Protect Against the Unexpected


Every year, over 425 million tons of flour are processed worldwide from grains. The majority of this output is from 5,000 mills from around the world with manufacturing capacities of over 100 tons a day.  Flour is a raw ingredient that comes from grains, which, unfortunately, can unexpectedly become contaminated with pathogens such as E. coli and Salmonella. Because flour is used to make some of the most widely consumed foods globally, flour millers must seek proactive measures to rid the grains of microbial contaminants.


Protecting The Consumer


With over 10 flour recalls in 2019, we realize consumer protection is the number one priority for Flour Millers. That’s why Enviro Tech’s scientific team has been working diligently to innovate feasible grain protection solutions for Flour Millers.



Meet Peragreen 15%


– Peragreen 15% sanitizer is a viable organic food safety solution for Flour Millers that is used from pre-harvest (seeds, soil, foliar, irrigation) through post-harvest, as well as during grain tempering.

– Application of Peragreen 15% seamlessly integrates into the tempering step of the milling process to enhance the safety of the finished flour should it be consumed in uncooked wheat products such as cookie dough.

Peragreen 15% extends grain and flour safety assurances from the plant through the retail supply chain by reducing food-safety risk without compromising the grain that could impact the flour’s flavor, texture, appearance, and performance.


What is PERAGREEN 15%?


An Organic Solution That…

  • provides an effective kill step that doesn’t compromise the quality or performance of resulting flour
  • requires no changes to a Flour Millers existing process flow
  • biodegrades completely
  • achieves food safety goals


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